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Bank Assistance

While you do not need a bank account to start a business in Hong Kong, you most likely will need some form of bank account to receive money to and make payments from.


Opening bank accounts in Hong Kong has become increasingly difficult due to growing pressure on the banks. As a result, many banks started to reinforce their criteria to select clients (often a lot more than required). There is no guarantee nowadays that you will get an account with your preferred bank, it can take months and requirements change vastly per bank.

We help you to determine which type of account is available for your company and how likely it would be to open an account with a Hong Kong bank. This depends on and changes with the nature of your business and how you manage your company.

  • Hong Kong bank account
  • Offshore bank account
  • Online account

While you may be lucky and get a local bank account, you also might consider a combination of multiple accounts, in particular when you deal with online sales and to cover certain payout methods. Cryptocurrencies in particular require a case by case analysis at this time.


We review your case and let you know what your best chances are. In terms of basic services, both local and offshore accounts offer the same features.


Our package includes application assistance for 4 local banks. Please note that banks can take weeks to review your application. We will coordinate with them and you for a date acceptable to both parties for your interview.

Yes, for now, you have to come personally to town to sign documents and confirm your identity. We also offer you a briefing for the bank account interview and take you to the interview at the bank.

  • Consulting on process
  • Compilation of application
  • Appointment assistance


A word which has suffered recently, although not always rightfully so. “Offshore” merely means not within the local jurisdiction. Your home country’s bank account is offshore in relation to your Hong Kong company (if you live outside of Hong Kong).

Offshore accounts can be of use for various reasons, be it that you only trade in a certain country or region, enjoy better rates, etc. It is perfectly normal to have a Hong Kong company but zero financial transactions locally; you can claim local tax exemption in that case.
  • Consulting on process
  • Compilation of application
  • No need to visit bank


Depending your company’s needs and based on the outcome of bank applications, you might want to take a look at the various online financial services. Be it to receive or make payments, for purchases and sales, to deal with cryptocurrency… While you most likely know a couple of the usual ones, there are also alternatives which might be of interest to you or even be necessary. For example, online account services have limitations on where they can pay out or what type of payment they can process, or even in what country you can use them at all.

We help you to figure out which services are best suited for your Hong Kong business and how to integrate them with your company maintenance and bank account.

Good to Know

Business Plan

Most banks will ask for a brief business plan of your company.

This is in particular important if you are a new operation (no or little previous activity).

You can write it yourself or let us help you.

Local Headaches

Please note these issues (until further notice) to open a Hong Kong bank account:

  • some banks have additional setup fees (from low to high range)
  • most banks are quick to deny an application but take weeks to process a possible one
  • you have to visit the bank at least once in person
  • even if approved, you might not yet be eligible for credit cards (or have it locked down to basically being a limited/debit card)
  • even if approved, it can take a couple weeks before you have received all cards, codes and chequebooks
  • expect required security deposits