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Business Support

Hong Kong limited companies have to do their accounting and get their books audited by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) every year. Furthermore, each year a company is required to do a few things to keep up and running legally.

We have created various packages taking care of these things for you, adapting to your needs and matching your company size.

  • All-inclusive solution
    Pay annually or monthly.
  • Individual packages
    If you prefer splitting the works


Our all-in-one packages cover all necessary services:

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Tax
  • Legal Maintenance
  • Compliance

You can choose between ongoing (monthly) and end-of-year (yearly) packages. In both cases we take care of your matters all year round, the only difference being we do monthly (ongoing) operations like bookkeeping or just once per year.

Our packages are available as a one-time and monthly payments (interest-free installments), for a 1 year term.

  • Starter - 0-250k HKD turnover
  • Medium - 250k-1.2M HKD turnover
  • Large - 1.2M-3M HKD turnover
  • XLarge - 3M-5M HKD turnover

Individual Packages

We review your case and let you know what your best chances are. In terms of basic services, both local and offshore accounts offer the same features.

We support Xero to keep your accounting nice and tidy on a cloud software.


We can do your accounting annually or on an on-going manner. 
  • Accounting
  • Tax filing
  • Audit
  • Either annually or on-going handling


  • Company Secretary
  • Annual Return (AR) submission
  • Business Registration (BR) payment
  • Registered address


Depending your company’s needs and based on the outcome of bank applications, you might want to take a look at the various online financial services. Be it to receive or make payments, for purchases and sales, to deal with cryptocurrency… While you most likely know a couple of the usual ones, there are also alternatives which might be of interest to you or even be necessary. For example, online account services have limitations on where they can pay out or what type of payment they can process, or even in what country you can use them at all.

We help you to figure out which services are best suited for your Hong Kong business and how to integrate them with your company maintenance and bank account.


We can help you with the deregistration of your company. But first, are you sure you really want to close your company?

Sometimes other options might be more useful, such as a transfer or change from active into dormancy status. We will consult you in your options and help you get it done.